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    Hero Chat Wheel: which lets players select phrases for their personalities to check our site  say in battle. Plus Exclusive Items: Can be purchased using Shards in the in-game store. Free admission to the weekly Celtics that rewards winners 20,000 shards. A Fight game ticket will be0.99 for non-Dota Plus associates.Plus Assistant is a package of tools exclusive to Dota Plus members, and the most controversial component of the service.


    Plus Assistant is charged as a real time assistant to teach approach to players; but it's really a bundle of tools which use real time data from Dota 2 players to help players better understand the sport. These instruments include Item Suggestions, Ability Suggestions, and Hero Tips which analyze a player's match and guide them towards the top choices for any given scenario.


    Additionally, there are analytics tools like Death Summary which breaks down the way the hero has been murdered; Lane Strategy which indicates optimum lane picks; International Rank Trends to see which personalities are very popular; and Post-Game Analytics that every breakdown different data points to help players better understand the reason why they won or lost a specific game.


    The Plus Assistant is in the center of all Dota 2 players' concerns. Given the suite of resources and data-driven suggestions about how to play, it is a boost for players who wish to understand and improve their  rs page game. Nonetheless, it's hard to say that accessibility to Plus Assistant is pay-to-win. In reality, the general consensus by Dota 2 gamers is that Plus Assistant might even be a very good tool for newcomers to better understand the game.



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