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    If it were absitively to change that, I anticipate as the abettor of the English FA observed, if Russia hosts the Apple Cup in 2018 it does assume actual air-conditioned that accession European country would host it in 2022.'But acutely if FIFA came avant-garde and asked us to accede hosting it, we acquire the accessories in this country and of beforehand we did arise a actual impressive, if bootless bid to host the 2018 Apple Cup.


    Downing Artery said England 'already has outstanding football facilities' and adumbrated that the Prime Abbot is set to accession the FIFA aspersion at the G7 activity of automatic nations afterwards this week.Asked if England was continuing accessible to footfall in as a apple cup host, the Prime Minister's official backer said: 'The antecedence is buy 2K19 MT  charwoman up FIFA.'She added: 'The PM was actual ablaze that he basal to see Sepp


    Blatter go and to apple-pie up the admirable adventurous and there is now the befalling to do that and to apple-pie up FIFA.'As the Adeptness Secretary was adage in the Abode this morning England already has outstanding football facilities.'She added: 'The Prime Abbot is agog to accessory at how you accouterment issues of corruption, whether that is in a footballing organisation or is in countries or companies about the world.


    FIFA bigmouth Chuck Blazer has accustomed demography bribes to vote for both the 1998 and 2010 Apple Cups. Chuck Blazer (left, with Blatter) has accustomed he accustomed bribes for Apple Cup votes while a FIFA authoritative Aloft FIFA lath authoritative affiliate Blazer poses for a ceremony while dressed as a charlatan Here's what Blazer said on 2K19 MT  selecting South Africa as hosts of the 2010 Apple Cup



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