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Product Details (Sytop Cobalt Alloy Bushing)

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Product Details (Sytop Cobalt Alloy Bushing)

Posted By cobalt alloynet     November 9, 2018    


The professional Cobalt Alloy manufacturer - was established in the year of 2001, We are specialized in cobalt alloy marketing over ten years. With stable products quality, professional service, competitive prices, our customers range many countries and regions.

Product Details (Sytop Cobalt Bushing)

Sytop Cobalt Alloy Bushing is a Cobalt-Chrominum "superalloy" , they are resistance to wear ,corrosion and galling ,

also retain these properties in high temperature . that's why it is super .

Cobalt Bushing and sleeve are the advantaged products for us , we have produced more than thousands specifications and all of them are produced upon customer’s drawing .

Co/Cr/W Alloy are famous with its great wear and corrosion resistance and mostly used in Oil & gas industry , steel industry , petrochemical industry, food industry , nuclear industry,etc.

With many years of experience in cobalt alloy, we rely on progressive production equipment and strong technician strength. We supply not only products, but also the professional suggestion on your application. We have large stock to keep the fastest delivery, in this way, our products are 100% quality guaranteed and delivery fast. Contact us and find out the right answer.